Homeowners plunge into remodeling

https://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSa_ua0Ey8-_TZCaeIvZ0STQyy7KOSCY3bxwY8D-H8vgmthwSFSgSyrSrwcW6LcfXBzhUpp12iVFueled by rising home equity and pent-up desires, homeowners are investing heavily in new kitchens and bathrooms. Instead of moving, they’re staying put and remaking homes into dream houses where they expect to live many more years. Especially in California, rapidly rising home prices – and values – make remodeling often a better option than buying another house.

Recent home buyers also are plunging big bucks into remodeling and now account for one in four projects. They tend to spend more and are three times more likely to tackle whole-house projects than longtime homeowners do, according to national home renovation experts Houzz.

“It’s a really good sign of consumer confidence,” said Nino Sitchinava, Houzz’s principal economist. “In general, we’re seeing a lot more luxury features, especially in bathrooms. People want room for two in bathtubs and showers, and dual sinks in the vanity. They want a spa experience and more space.”

And now, people have the time as well as the money to get work done, she added. “Home renovations usually come down to finally having the finances to do it. Now, time trumps finances. People are saying they no longer can stand their bathrooms and they’re doing something about it.”

Kathleen Jennison, owner of KTJ Design Co. in Stockton, agrees. “People love their homes, but they’re outdated,” she said. “They want a new look, but don’t want to move. That some day (to do something) has finally come.”

This is peak home remodeling season, with many contractors backed up for weeks. According to a new survey by the Home Improvement Research Institute, seven out of 10 homeowners plan at least one home improvement during the next three months.


How do electrical contractor companies work?

electrical companyWhen building a houseelectrical installations play a huge role. Whatever you want to do, it’s almost unimaginable without the electricity, and that’s the reason it’s very important to have properly configured installations throughout the home. If you want to be sure that this is properly configured, it’s best to contact a professional electrical contractor company. So you are now asking yourself what are electrical contractor companies? Electrical Contractor Companies are companies specialized in construction work related to installation, maintenance and design of electrical systems. It’s also one of the most important industries and electrical contractor companies are well paid. Electrical Contractor can also be an individual person who is an independent contractor.


Most electrical contractor companies require that the staff to be certified. Workers who are deployed on these kind of tasks are called electricians. Electrician is a person who is well trained and licensed to do work related to electricity. At’s very important for this person to have a good knowledge for his own safety and safety of the client. As this industry is very fast-developing, it’s always good to have an electrician close by. In the USA, it’s estimated that over 70000 electrical contractor companies are leading their business and this whole industry is estimated at over $130 billion annually.


While working, electrical contractor company is required to follow various standards, to increase safety and reliability. The standard that is usually required to follow is NEC, or National Electrical Code. This standard is now widely adopted code for system maintenance, installation of electrical components, and it’s primarily designed to keep the person who is using the electrical system safe. I’m talking about various dangers of using the electricity, as the broken system can result in burning of the cables which can make a disaster in a home or a company. That being said, before working with any kind of electricity, be sure to consult electrical contractor company of your choice.